Travel Companions and Assistants for People and Pets Who Want to Go – Now!

Getting around isn't always easy. That's why Travel Now Companions is here to help. Travel Now Companions is a part of Advisors Hospitality Consulting (AHC). AHC has been inspecting hotels and assisting hotel teams around the world to offer the finest in services. Now, it's our turn to help you.

The Travel Now Companions Team provides companion services to everyone – disabled and impaired persons, elderly, solo youth travelers – so that you can travel with confidence and ease. And no one likes to be left behind! We can transport pets of all makes and sizes to meet you at your (or their) destination.

We have experience ourselves with traveling with disabilities so we know what it is like. And we have never wanted to leave our pets behind either! Our team also has experience in transporting pets across the US as well as through international customs by car and plane. Travel Now can also assist in arranging the best quarantine placement. No one wants to sit on the sidelines! We are committed to making sure you and the pets are on the journey! Now, your trip is a reality!

The Travel Now Team is well traveled to points in the USA as well as every continent on the globe. The Travel Now Team includes a commercial pilot, car drivers experienced in other countries, as well as nursing assistants to offer you what you need to get around- everywhere and anywhere – all of the time.

Travel Now Companions Services include:

Travel Now does not provide traveling medical nurses and doctors.